About Sarah Handyside

I am a freelance journalist, travel writer, and academic researcher with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies from Oregon Institute of Technology. I am also the author of three books: Occupy the Highway (2012), Renovating Vonnegut (2014), and Gonzo’s Flying Dog (2014). In 2021, I conducted a study on communication in polyamorous relationships and presented my findings at the spring 2022 Northwest Communication Association Conference.

For good or ill, everything I experience is filtered through the lens of a middle-class white woman raised in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, in the USA. That's why I seek out opportunities to immerse myself in social justice movements that support diversity, inclusivity, and human rights. That's the reason I sacrifice comfort, convenience, and safety in pursuit of adventures that will immerse me in the world's cultures.

I want to live a life that strips away my preconceptions to reveal the common ground between myself and those who seem to differ from me. I want to broaden and deepen my understanding of people and the world so  my writing will generate understanding and empathy and promote collaborative problem-solving. 

Recent Work