About Sarah Handyside

I am a freelance journalist, travel writer, and academic researcher with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies from Oregon Institute of Technology. I am also the author of three books: Occupy the Highway (2012), Renovating Vonnegut (2014), and Gonzo’s Flying Dog (2014). In 2021, I conducted a study on communication in polyamorous relationships and presented my findings at the spring 2022 Northwest Communication Association Conference.

For good or ill, everything I experience is filtered through the lens of a middle-class white woman raised in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, in the USA. That's why I seek out opportunities to immerse myself in social justice movements that support diversity, inclusivity, and human rights. That's the reason I sacrifice comfort, convenience, and safety in pursuit of adventures that will immerse me in the world's cultures.

I want to live a life that strips away my preconceptions to reveal the common ground between myself and those who seem to differ from me. I want to broaden and deepen my understanding of people and the world so  my writing will generate understanding and empathy and promote collaborative problem-solving. 

Recent Work

Brie Landis wins the presidency!… and sparks revision of ASOIT’s election bylaws – Permissionless Media

Klamath Falls, Ore.–On April 27, Brie Landis made history as the first write-in candidate to win the office of ASOIT President at Oregon Tech, and that win sparked changes in ASOIT’s election bylaws.

“I didn’t even consider ‘running’ really, until I saw a classmate say that she wrote me in,” said Brie Landis (they/them). “For a few hours, I thought it would be a good joke, then I took it (kinda) seriously.”

On April 21, Landis posted a first and only campaign message on the OIT app. They also

Opinion: Oregon Tech can budget Over $500,000 for Snell Hall Renovations but not for fair faculty salaries – Permissionless Media

Klamath Falls, Ore.—Oregon Tech tuition is increasing along with overall revenue, yet faculty are underpaid and striking for fair wages. Where is the money?

On March 10, when Oregon Tech administration declared an impasse in negotiations with the faculty union, OT-AAUP, the university press release declared OT-AAUP’s compensation proposal “unrealistic” given the potential for cuts in state funding due to COVID-19. But just weeks before making that statement, Oregon Tech awarded ORW Architecture

Explainer: Why did Oregon Tech’s Faculty Senate call for President Naganathan’s Resignation? – Permissionless Media

Klamath Falls, Ore.—Oregon Tech’s Faculty Senate voted on Tuesday to call for university President Nagi Naganathan’s resignation.

During Naganathan’s nearly four years as President of Oregon Tech, Faculty Senate say he has disregarded university policy, changed policies without faculty input, excluded Faculty Senate from decision-making processes and irresponsibly managed Oregon Tech’s resources. These grievances, outlined in a Faculty Senate Executive Committee report, have led to historically

Shut Down & Fed Up: Klamath Basin Farmers Protest Water Cuts – Permissionless Media

Merrill, Ore. May 29, 2020 – This should be a field of wheat. Instead, it’s a hot, dry dust bowl.

“It’s been hard to drive by it and see it,” Tricia Walker says.

Walker’s family has operated Gold Dust & Walker Farms since 1973. The rich soil and seemingly ever-present sunshine of southern Oregon and northern California are ideal for growing chipping potatoes, grain, hay and industrial hemp. According to their website, Gold Dust & Walker Farms cultivates about 15,000 acres ranging from Tulelake